Reasons Why You Need To Purchase Fitbit 2 Charge at Mobile Mob

F3.PNGWe all desire to keep fit, but due to the nature of work among other reasons, we end up with low fitness levels as we spend a lot of time in our offices sitting. Everyone is on a lookout for the new ways to help them keep fit, and one way that one can achieve this is by acquiring a fitness tracker. Have you heard about Fitbit charge 2? Are you aware of the gains of buying one? Why would you buy Fitbit charge online at Mobile Mob? Well, here are the reasons.

What makes Fitbit charge 2 the best fitness tracker is the fact that it can determine your heartbeat rate where it provides one “cardio fitness score.” The cardio fitness score is a numerical value which Fitbit charge calculates for you and the value provided will be dependent on some factors such as you age, gender, heart rate and also your weight. You will be rated on the scale from “poor” to “excellent,” and thus you have the chance to ensure that you score high scores to keep your fitness level up. When you aren’t impressed with your scores, you can depend on Fitbit charge 2 to help you increase your pace as you can enhance it through intense exercise. On the other hand, when you have the right scores, Charge 2 will encourage you to maintain the pace, and thus there is no chance for your fitness levels getting out of hand.

When you want to up your fitness game, you will have to have high-intensity interval training as it helps to enhance not only the cardio fitness but also your health. With Fitbit charge 2, you can switch to the workout mode and keep track of your high-intensity workouts. The Fitbit charge 2 has even proved to be a better asset for athletes than other fitness trackers. One can set their interval durations while they also have the liberty of choosing how frequently they will be repeating them. Take a case of an individual who wants to run for five minutes, walk for another five minutes before running again. Fitbit charge 2 comes with a feature that helps determine when to change speed as it will vibrate as an indication that you need to change your pace. While there are apps which athletes can use to create their interval training sessions, there is none that is highly portable than Fitbit chargers.